Step 1: Join

Pick from one of our membership programs.

Individual Membership:
Once you join you will have access to our first training belt rank module orange belt curriculum and video training along with pre-test requirements and membership. Certificate.

Family Membership:
All family members must reside in the same household. Family membership is for immediate family only. Students that are under age of 13 must have parents or guardians help them in there presentation and written test and pretest videos.

Transfer Students:
We don’t believe in taking rank and certification away from you because you are from another school. You worked hard for that rank and certification and you deserve to keep it. If you want to keep your rank and certification and transfer it to our program. We will review where that rank and certification is in our program and you will be allowed to keep it and train from that rank and progress up from that point of our program to Black Belt or Higher.

Follow these instructions:

Instructors and School Owners:
Combat Zone has the knowledge and ability to assist any instructor or school owner in the advancement and development of his or her abilities, whether it’s an instructor or a business leader. We welcome your school to join Combat Zone as an affiliate and will allow you to view curriculums and training aids. This is a unique process where the Combat Zone entrusts the instructor to follow the basic curriculum for certification and welcomes their own personality and training to their personal teaching. For certification, Combat Zone requires an upload of their testings to assure compliance.

Note: special communications with Mr. Bryan, Combat Zone president is required for this affiliation. Special discounted certification fees will be administered on to how many certifications you complete.

Follow these instructions:

Home Based Mobile Martial Arts Business:
Combat Zone will be showing you a step by step process on how to build successful on-site after-school karate programs. We have used this program for the last 19 years with great success. In this program you will have everything you will need to start, maintain, and grow a great program. You will have examples of how to layout your entire on-site after-school karate programs.

Our business owners offer after-school karate programs for boys and girls ages 3-14 in a sport and self-defense that is recognized across the United States and around the world. Combat Zone gives you the opportunity to make a good living at doing something you love to do and shaping tomorrow’s leaders. This program helps to shape the mind, body & spirit of your students. You will you be teaching karate in public and private schools, teaching students how to stay physically fit and instilling core Christian values of confidence, integrity, honesty, respect, benevolence, making good decisions, self-control, proper attitude.

Follow these instructions:

EMAC (Evangelistic Martial Arts College Membership):
Our on-line courses will show you a step by step way to effectively share the Gospel with others using the martial arts as a platform. Since we are a Evangelistic Martial Artist College. We have set each course like a belt requirement. From orange through black, each course progressing you to your ultimate goal.

Have you ever felt like you were called to something bigger? Do you feel like God is calling you to reach others? Have you ever felt like you weren’t using your martial arts skills, talents, and gifts to the fullest? Do you have a burning desire to use your skills, talents, and gifts in the martial arts to lead people to Christ? Not sure how to get started? Then you are in the right place.

2nd Step – Learn

Learning Martial Arts On-Line

As a student in our on-line martial arts program you will have the opportunity to view, learn, and practice along with our on-line instructor and class setting curriculum in that belt rank level as many times as you need to be able to perform it with speed, power, and proficiency prior to each belt rank and certification.

3rd Step Test/Certify

Testing, Belt Rank, and Certification

As you advance through our curriculum, you will have the opportunity to be tested on your new martial arts techniques, skills, and knowledge. You will be required to perform each belt rank curriculum with speed, power, and control.

You will have the opportunity to pre-test at no cost. You will take the written test and upload a video on techniques performed for that belt rank curriculum. We will then review the pre-test and email you the results and any corrections that need to be made and set up a time with you to test personally with one of our Black Belt Instructors via Skype for your belt rank and certification. When you have completed your test on Skype you will be congratulated and we will mail your belt and certification. You will receive your belt and certification with in 7 business days.

Your International belt rank certification tests for each Tangsoodo Taewondo rank is only $39.99 per belt rank. (No pre-test cost, everyone is required to pre-test and take written test.)